DiSC Behavioural Profiling

By answering a series of questions, Everything DISC® will develop an extensive guide to help you navigate your profile. You will then reveal fascinating and inspirational suggestions about you and how you are likely to communicate with others and why. Importantly if there are people you feeling tension with then how you might interact with them in a more constructive and empowering way. Be sure to not second guess the questions or feel as though you have to answer them in a specific way, just go with the flow. 

If you then decide you would like to explore your behavioural profile further and have one of us translate your personal assessment. Then just contact to arrange a convenient time for this to happen priced at £99.00 for a 30 minute you will gain a deeper understanding to powerfully utilise you're newly gained enlighted self-awareness to maximise your outcome. 

The mentoring programmes in this collection include one assessment then twice monthly one to one interactions to keep you on track and explore potential issues in more in-depth.