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5 Easy Steps to Cure Fears of Conflict Resolution

by Sian Phillips

Dealing with toxic work atmospheres and how to resolve your animosity in work is far from an enjoyable experience for anyone. It can even create a toxic environment for co-workers not directly involved in the disagreement; it can demotivate your productivity, and ultimately, serious conflicts can have serious consequences.

Work Based e learning Advantages & Disadvantages

by Sian Phillips

You’re probably reading this blog because you’re thinking about, or ready to embark on, a new post-school educational journey. Maybe the months of enforced lockdown due to the COVID19 pandemic has rejuvenated your desire to learn more about the world we live in. Either way, thanks for reading.hotm

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As a leader, marketer, entrepreneur, assessor and trainer I have walked the walk and learnt numerous pitfalls.

In business  I have always needed to develop strategies and tactics to push my findings forward . 

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