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DiSC® Assessment Online Catalyst™

DiSC® Assessment Online Catalyst™

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Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ 


DiSC® Catalyst™ Assessment  - Base

Unlock the power of Everything DiSC® with Catalyst™! Gain insights into your team dynamics and preferences to improve communication and collaboration. Benefit from comprehensive personalisation, intuitive navigation, and easy online management.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment has over 40 years of research behind it. which serves as the starting point for Catalyst to understand individual behaviour in the workplace. From here, you can add DiSC® Agile EQ,  DiSC® Management or both.

DiSC® online assessment

Instead of the traditional everything DiSC PDF reports his standalone, straightforward-to-use platform can be utilised company-wide (for best effect) or for individual teams (or both). Incorporates: Stressors and Motivators - Groups - You're Groups - Conversation Starters.

Ongoing access to the platform, perfect return and learn concept, rather than teach and forget.

Start Boosting your team's performance, communication methods and collaboration with Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™

The Facilitation Kit is designed to guide you through the delivery of DiSC on Catalyst and is available to purchase  here 


Report outlines:

Your DiSC® Style
What Drives You
You and Other Styles
Build Better Relationships
Personalised Style Index


Group Continua:

If some team members are more focused on logic or feelings? Realities or possibilities? With Group Continua on Catalyst™, they can quickly visualise the preferences and tendencies of each other. 

You're Groups:

With your expert guidance, learners will gain valuable insights into their group's tendencies and strengths, while also identifying areas for growth. By the end of this 30-minute module, learners will feel empowered to use DiSC®to enhance group cohesion and elevate their overall performance. 

Conversation Starters:

Working with a team having trouble connecting? Do group discussions often come to a halt? Are there more questions than answers after meetings? Look no further! With Conversation Starters on Catalyst™, you can use DiSC® to address these common challenges that can hinder performance and culminating in clear action steps for the future.


One advantage of using DiSC® on Catalyst™  is that after completing the workplace profile, you have the option to add DiSC for Management, DiSC Agile, or both at any point in the future.


- EVERYTHING DiSC® Management

Save if you purchase Base Catalyst together with Agile EQ and Management at the same time.

Discover the potential of Everything DiSC® today!

Attention! FREE upgrades to Catalyst available until December 2024 for existing Everything DiSC® Workplace reports in English

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