Any teams or individuals involved in professional sales, customer service or account management. 

At the end of the day it not revenue, not orders, not web traffic that matters the most. It's profit!

You may have already gathered, that we are passionate about helping businesses work better as a whole and possess hands on experience making us very well equipped to assist others with this aim.

Creating workplaces that thrive through understanding, from top to bottom, is a key aspect of the founder’s (a sales and marketing specialist) ethos. Who whole-heartedly believes in the Everything DISC® personality/behavioural profiling model and eager to share more about it with you.

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Put simply, DiSC® a non-judgemental workplace assessment tool used to identify the differences in people’s behaviour.

It can look at one person, a team of people, sales teams or even help to resolve conflicts. It is designed to improve productivity, teamwork, leadership skills and how we communicate with each other.....and ultimately how best to approach customers and prospects.

How does DiSC profiling work for sales teams?

A plan and not just another youtube video

This profiling questionnaire is specifically for customer orientated employees who are looking to understand their customers in more detail and develop more effective relationships.

The Everything DISC® Sales Profile offers vital information on how you can create a greater rapport with customers to increase sales.

Not only does it provide a detailed analysis of personal DISC® styles, including how each action is driven by the actions you take, it looks at both your strengths and your challenges, additionally forming the foundations of realizing the benefits of soft skills for sales professionals.

Important to remember that Human Skills can not be automated.

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Essentially the profile also offers comparison reports and interaction maps. An everything DiSC®  map allowing for an on-going process. You will reuse these tools over and over again with existing and new customers.

This certainly isn’t about picking holes in people, but rather working with individuals to go beyond their natural styles and more effectively adapt to what the customer wants and expects. This is different than the customer’s own unique buying style, so offers fantastic insights.

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DiSC® stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. It was first created by Dr. William Marston, a physiological psychologist in his book ‘Emotions of Normal People' in 1928. Over the years, his findings were built upon and gradually evolved until today, when they now form a four-stage process called ‘DiSC®’. Obviously this is then defined into more defined categories with some overlapping. 

Prospects want to stand next to people who are like sunshine

The Sales profile doesn’t just help your teams with their own styles, but helps you to identify the styles of your customers too. This isn’t based on covert secrecy or hidden formulae, but their observable actions, along with how and what they will prioritise.

This insight gives the sales team valuable information into their expectations and gives you the opportunity to flex your sales muscle accordingly, rather than relying on one sales style that may not work with particular customers. It’s this dynamism that will help drive sales and deliver better bottom-line results. There’s literally no time to waste if sales are essential to your business start the process of booking a sales workshop for professionals now.

Feeling sure you already know that the best methods to increase profits are:

1)Increase transactional  spend

2)Returning customers 


4)Minimise company spend.

5)Ensure targeted prospecting.

Motivational training for sales teams

If you run a sales team that aren’t exploiting the methods above. Or if individuals are spending time on work that doesn’t help drive any of the 5 things above, you need some help, so book a call. We can work with you revitalise your teams and get everyone pulling in the same direction.

By putting the power of the Everything DiSC® model into the hands of your sales teams, you not only give them an incredibly dynamic tool that fits their own style, but you are creating customer-centric interactions.

This can help drive sales and increase results across the board providing ideal training for sales teams. 


It may come as a surprise to you but during these extremely difficult times 90% of leaders in 2022 believe training in human skills is a good investment. More so now than ever.

Whatever your desired outcomes are; your participants can expect learn about the following: 

- Familiarity of self-awareness which in turn provides the foundations of improved performance

 - Knowledge and understanding of how their tendencies influence others and how they can be more effective in specific sales orientated scenarios.

- Graphical representation of their assessment results

- Awareness of their own challenges and strengths.

- How customers DiSC styles can influence their purchasing decisions

- How to observe customer behaviours 

- What can drive customers and their expectations

- How to adapt their individual styles to differing customer styles   

 - Robust tangible steps to apply insights in real time

 - Be equipped with their own individual personality based assessment.

This workshop provides a simple yet enlightening process that helps professional sales teams get real results and improves self-awareness in key areas that will help them reach better outcomes.

Don’t look, back in 12 months only to realise how much ground you have lost.


The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership reports that the UK lags behind many competitors on key economic indicators.Productivity, for example, is 21% lower in this country than that of the rest of the G7. For those who don’t know, the G7 (aka the Group of 7) is a collective made up of the world’s 7 most advanced economies. They include Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The report also show that the measures of management are similarly lower in the UK than our industrial cousins.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Everything DiSC sales map. You will learn your individual DiSC sales styles/ the group will learn their DiSC sales styles and how priorities influence their selling behaviours.

Module 2 – You / The participants will now practice what they have learnt about sales priorities in an interviewing activity.


Module 3 – The participants will learn about customer mapping and practice skills in a video based activity.

Module 4 – Participants will learn about differing customer priorities, then use these new skills to identify buying styles of your current customers.


Module 5 – Participants use their/your Everything DiSC sales maps to understand how to navigate from your own/the participants styles to those  varying types of customers

Module 6 –  The participants role play in accordance to their/your most challenging customer. Then complete an interaction plan for working with that customer.

All modules (aside from module 1) can be made optional for this learning to fit any time frame. 

The Everything DiSC interaction maps are made available for use with the Everything DiSC Sales profile to transfer to real life customers.

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I look forward to working with you when you can be rest assured in the knowledge that I have walked the walk and tread the ‘hard’ boards  of marketing, digital marketing  sales and senior management. Always relentlessly determined on ‘getting results’, improving performance whilst under pressure!

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