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Leaders, managers, directors, business owners. Just about anyone who is heading up a team and wishes to create a workplace that thrives through understanding, from top to bottom.

If you haven’t yet worked with us hopefully you may be getting a flavour around our passion of assisting leaders. The founder possesses hands of experience as a senior manager, entrepreneur and trainer.  Positioning us very well placed to assist others and keen to do so.  

Creating workplaces that thrive through understanding, is a key aspect of Sian's ethos. Who whole-heartedly believes in the Everything DISC® model and its place in the workplace.

The following information relates directly to leadership working. It forms a part of the overall Everything DISC® process that has been designed specifically for those at the top to get tangible results with the teams they work with.

If you feel you already know your requirements then start the process now by entering them here.

Team Profiling

The Everything DISC® Work of Leaders profile offers vital information on how you can build greater rapport with the teams you work with. By taking the core ethos of Everything DISC®, this 20-page personalised profile gives you all that you need to know about your own style in context of the workplace. 

 Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them (Albert Einstein)

By taking the core ethos of the Leadership Profile, the 20-page report issues you everything you need to know about your own style, but more importantly, goes one step further and looks at how you can work effectively with those around you.

If you’ve never made a mistake then you’ve never tried anything new (Albert Einstein)

Human beings can be assumption based and whilst this occurs naturally embarking on an activity such as this can really be an eye opening experience. Permits increased understanding, in turn leading us to enriched decision making.

I know more than I say, I think more than I speak, and notice more than you realise!

Soft skills for the workplace

You might be thinking that this just seems to be suited to identifying soft skills, rather than those technical skillsets most companies request when hiring, but that’s not necessarily the case. Interestingly, LinkedIn’s Learning Blog found that the most in demand soft skills are:

CreativityPersuasionCollaborationAdaptabilityEmotional intelligence

It’s noticeable that Emotional Intelligence seemingly supersedes time management, which has fallen off this top 5 list completely recently. Of course this list is not exhaustive, and we feel that things like curiosity and the desire to learn really is a given when it comes to desirable soft skills.


One of the recommendations in the The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership report places emphasis around recruiting people based on their personal attitudes and capabilities, not just their technical skills


Each individual will complete a series of personality based assessment questions, They take around 20 minutes to complete. Once done, profiles are available for download.  Usually completed prior to the course. We request that they are done in privacy and not rushed. 

The course facilitator will then work on de coding the profiles and will aim to:

Recognise the priorities, motivators and stress triggers that shape the workplace.

Exploration of the varying DISC® types, will assist understanding around differences.

Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with colleagues, particularly those with different styles for improved effective working

This is a process designed to reduce tension, solve problems and contribute positively to an organisation. It really is an enlightening experience……

Take insights to realty, is what can bring rich value to your workplace. So, request a telephone meeting now.

Learning in context

Well there are many benefits to working with a certified Everything DiSC facilitator, important aspects as follows:

Primarily an Everything DiSC facilitator has undergone specialist training and is certified to help decipher, dig deeper and break down reports to provide a rich an meaningful experience to all participants.

An Everything DiSC facilitator has undergone training to effectively run groups in relation to Everything DiSC for best effect in the workplace

Importantly it is usually beneficial to have a person with a non- bias facilitating group workshops as they are neutral and therefore perceived as less threatening and without an agenda.

Essentially we are equipped to translate these reports in a way that makes more sense away from the written word. Bringing actions along more readily allowing teams to move towards their goals swiftly.

Click here to let us know your needs, a time to talk further and arrange a mutual date to run your group session. Before it commences but not long after booking, we will always ask you what you see as your objective and what challenges (if any) you feel are providing barriers. This knowledge will help the process flow much more efficiently.

Let’s grow together 

I look forward to working with you when you can be rest assured in the knowledge that aside from being a trainer, I have walked the walk and tread the ‘hard’ boards in senior management. Relentlessly determined on ‘getting results’, improving performance and whilst under pressure! – BOOK Here to arrange your group workshop.

Absolutely you can, some people prefer to do this before planning a team session. Here’s how: 

Visit the Everything DiSC for Leaders profiling page  

Or you could take a team member assessment.

An 'Everything DiSC in the Workplace' login will be forwarded to you.

You create an account. You will then be prompted to answer the team assessment questions in a manner that is true to yourself. Your team disc assessment will be created and sent to you in PDF format. You can then use your personality assessment to reference to your own working pattern and in consideration of others

You may then want the rest of your team to conduct their own each individual DiSC assessment so all can compare assessments and work out ways to better communicate with each other.

Don’t waste any more time and get productive and harmonious by commencing with the incredibly helpful Everything DISC®  by Wiley workplace profiles.

In position as leader, perhaps you have an interest in learning more about soft skills required for leadership and would favour a one to one coaching scenario. Click on the icons below to discover more about the other courses we run

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