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DiSC® Assessment Profiles

DiSC® Assessment Profiles

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Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile

Assessment report

This DiSC® Assessment Workplace Profile is the perfect way to unlock the potential of the teams you work with or your in-house workforce. This comprehensive profile delves into the distinct elements of the team's behaviours.


You are giving a more insightful and accurate portrait of the workplace as a whole. With the data this tool provides, you'll be able to confidently craft a unique and tailored approach to your training course or coaching session leading to improved organisational communication and positive workplace culture.

Improving internal communication and collaboration as a direct result of a DISC assessment. Encourages managers to understand their employees, fostering a culture of acceptance and making it easier to work together.

If you are ordering multiple assessments for others in your workplace, we will contact you to discuss whether you want to have the profiles immediately viewable or withheld and sent to one coordinator as pdf files. 


Report outlines:

  1. Discovering Your DiSC® Style
  2. Understanding Other Styles
  3. Building More Effective Relationships
  4. Personalised Style Index
Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
Everything DiSC Supplement for Facilitators
or Both

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Everything DiSC for the workplace is available in several languages here
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
New Insights to teams

As a facilitator of DiSC, the message is clear each time I implement it within a team. You can see how individuals come to realise that they can approach others differently, in a way that minimises friction. Huge thanks to Sian at My Training Shop for the support I have received too.

Ruth T

Running courses that bring together sympathetic and supportive individuals with competitive and results-oriented individuals can be highly beneficial. This allows both groups to gain a better understanding of each other and creates a win-win situation.

Ian G
Disc Reports

Disc reports really help with recruiting for my clients and Sian has helped enormously with all aspects of providing the guidance around them.

Communication skills improving

Recently, I was assigned the responsibility of facilitating comprehensive training for our employees to enable them to adapt and communicate more effectively with each other. My approach was grounded in utilising a workplace report for every participant. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and demonstrates noticeable progress, as each participant is enthusiastic and actively striving to enhance their communication skills across various communication styles.

I must express my gratitude to My Training Shop for their outstanding service, which made the process of generating and distributing these reports a seamless experience. Thank you."


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