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Something about Sian

My mission and ethos:

  • A huge advocate for being real, honest and open
  • Having walked many walks, I'm eager to learn and adapt to your walk
  • Believe that by being authentic builds lasting connections
  • Aware that to speak to all is to speak to no one

A little about my background:

Most leaders are made not born….

As a leader, entrepreneur, marketer, assessor and trainer I have walked the walk and learnt numerous pitfalls. I am highly insightful and possess an edge when it comes to performance and keeping momentum. In business there has been a need for me to develop strategies, tactics and consequently push my findings forward as a matter of course. I've learnt that much of is all about gaining a deeper understanding of your own and other personality drivers which when adapted can lead to influential communication.

Some leaders are fearful of making changes or communicating suggestions for growth to relevant others, a consequence of which prevents implementation. Often leaders suffer from a lack of confidence or what is known as 'imposter' syndrome. More over some leaders (more than thought) are introverts and imagine that they can not be successful with being influential. Underlying self beliefs and character traits such as these can throttle business growth. Readjusting beliefs is what really makes the difference!

What's in it for you ?: 

It’s all about the communication..

By understanding behaviours and the impact these have on other people. You can take pride and ownership, increase performance and consequently profits. You see it makes sense that behaviours can be more easily adapted rather than what is impossible by suggesting a person changes their personality.

I can assist you to explore and examine tactics and to develop a positive, knowing mind-set. Helping you or your team to reach the ROI it deserves.

Consequently furnishing you with  the inner confidence to blaze a new trail! Start this new cycle of optimism now by 'uncaging' yourself and obtaining a deeper understanding of yourself to become the leader that others feel motivated to follow.

Moreover I can facilitate a workshop where we can laser target an issue in question and address that pain point in a group setting.  For all to benefit and gain a deeper understanding of how everyone’s characteristics can be best utilised to travel forward. Alternately we can work together in a confidential setting on a 1:1 basis

Our main focus is around guidance and workshops centred on improved performance for leaders and managers, marketing operations and retail.

Enjoy results:

Healthy business growth  - Harmonious people 

Everyone can now perform their roles to the very best of their capability. KPI’S reflect performance and accountability. You simply do more of what works and less of what does not.  Importantly no longer afraid of moving into change and scoping out plans to take the company or your department to the next stage. 

Discover how you and your team can work best together.  Learn how to ‘uncage’ your ideas and implement changes without feeling judged. Be out there!  Be comfortable when suggesting micro changes without the fear of feeling insignificant and enjoy a well-deserved newly found confidence.

Meet Sian:


Contact here if you have any questions

Or commence with your needs assessment here so I can assess if we can assist with your needs. Do know that I am extremely busy and only work with those where I fit well. If I have learnt nothing else honestly is truly the best policy. I will always refer on to a better suited provider if judged best to do so.

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