Workplace Teams

Designed to reduce tension and contribute positively to any workplace. By recognising the priorities, motivators and stress triggers that shape the workplace experience. Exploring team members styles helps to understand the differences and similarities amongst the team to make more meaningful connections with colleagues for improved effective working.

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Work of Leaders

Act now to understand how the Everything DiSC work of Leaders workshop and profiling can benefit you. We prefer to be specific to your goals and place of work not just a generic course that promises much, but delivers little. Starting with each individual conducting their own Everything DiSC  personality profiling test.

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Work of Sales Professionals

Anyone working in sales, customer service or any other people related work will find this workshop super exciting. Not only does it help with team member communications but is insightful with identifying  preferred styles of your customers. Equipping you with the opportunity to flex your sales muscle accordingly. 

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New and Safe

Catalyst™is a new assessment-based learning experience delivered virtually. Creating an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and cultures of an organisation.

Combining the power of Everything DiSC with a personalised, on-demand, and socially connected platform, Catalyst™ enables learners to integrate DiSC into the flow of work.

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