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DiSC® reports admin

DiSC® reports admin

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Epic DiSC® Profiles


Epic could be described as an administrative do-it-yourself type service for delivering Everything DiSC® assessments. It is provided and hosted by Wiley, the publisher of DiSC assessments. This service gives you maximum control to purchase, manage, and store all your individual and group reports in your own private account. You can issue access codes for people to complete the assessments either online (Catalyst) or PDF versions of a range of DiSC assessments. Once participants have completed, you can view, print, save, or email all the reports.

For an investment of a one-off fee of £150, you become an EPIC sub-account owner.  Without ongoing licencing fees or renewals to worry about. As usual, you will have us an authorised DiSC partner on tap to support you in any way we can. 

In order to personalise your account for your organisation, very soon after we receive your order, we will be asking a few questions and requesting further information. Due to this individualised process, it can take up to 24 hours to set up your account, sometimes though, this can happen sooner.

Epic stands for Electronic Profile Information Centre

Already Got an account and need to access it? EPIC login account here.


Customise by adding your company logo and company details to personalise all profile reports. Control notifications – organise folders – group organisations and much more.

EPIC accepts credits as currency, you purchase credits that stay in your account indefinitely for you to utilise them as and when you need them.

Points worth considering:

Having your own EPIC account is recommended in many situations. Some indicators to consider are: having an ongoing requirement for Everything DiSC profiles, having a large number of participants, teams, or clients and wanting an efficient way to manage the profiles, wanting to control access to completed profiles and reports, wanting instant access to completed profiles, and wanting a cost-effective solution for generating profiles.


You can send questionnaire links to participants and send reminders as needed. You can generate completed reports whenever you need to. EPIC's folder and subfolder feature allows you to organise reports by team, training date, or any other criteria that suits you. You can add additional administrators to the account with their own username and password. Owning an Epic account qualifies you to earn some discount on your DISC reports too!

You will be able to:

- Generate the Everything DiSC® Facilitator Reports for a team after they have completed their individual DiSC profiles. This report shows the team's DiSC culture and its implications for the group. It also includes a DiSC poster with all participants' DiSC Styles.

- You can generate Free Everything DiSC Comparison Reports to compare two individuals and understand their similarities and differences. This helps them work more productively together.

- Generate Free Team View Reports to get a quick overview of all participants' DiSC styles.

Generate Free Supplement for Facilitator's Reports to gain deeper insight into a person's Everything DiSC style. Especially helpful if someone doesn't relate to their DiSC style.

NB EPIC credits are non-refundable 

Package- save money

Save by ordering a package (drop down option in the cart) = 1 Epic Account + 150 credits. Enough credits to set you up with 10 workplace profiles (English) in your account. Available on the drop-down option before adding to cart.

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