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Simply select your optional modules from the dropdown. Add assessment only or add modules and group numbers to the cart. Within 24 hours you will then be issued a key to start your assessment. During which time you will receive contact from me to propose consultation options. NB assessment only does not include a consultation, click here to add a one to one 45 minute to cart 'Identify your DiSC'session.


A detailed, innovative solution yet simple system to use. Everything DiSC hosted on Catalyst™ becomes accessible to all who have participated in the initial workshop. Permitting ongoing comparison reporting along with other developmental aspects.  

  • Identify Your DiSC Style 
  • Learn how to people read including those you work with 
  • Know how you work best 
  • Understand your relationships with others 
  • Build Better Relationships 

Why and who uses a DiSC Assessment?

Taking an Everything DiSC assessment enables you to discover your various personality traits and how they impact your behaviours.  How you would react to new challenges, how you are likely to behave in a team situation and so much more.

Matters can include team conflict, onboarding, communication issues, change management, identifying traits in preparation for a career move and so much more.  Helpful for individuals who are trying to find their place in this world. Particularly helpful for discovering their own preferences and character strengths. Especially handy when applying for a new job, promotion or change of career. By using the power of DiSC we learn to understand our selves and others more so which in turn leads to improved communications.

Continuous Learning

Catalyst™ cuts through the noise with simple technology. Providing the perfect touchpoints to firm up communication styles. One where people can learn to adapt their communication styles in comparison with others. Catalyst is not about once done training, it is about continuous development in your workplace.

How the world learns is changing..... and the time is NOW to evolve the Everything DiSC learning experience. Introducing, Catalyst™ by Everything DiSC.


Blended Learning Approach:

We provide you with a balanced solution by combining facilitated virtual training with ongoing use of the Catalyst™ platform.

Catalyst™is a new assessment-based learning experience that creates an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and cultures of an organisation.

By combining the power of Everything DiSC. With a personalised, on-demand, and socially connected platform, Catalyst™. Enabling your workforce to integrate DiSC into the flow of work. With continued access to meaningful content that improves a wide range of interactions.

Who is Everything DiSC Catalyst™ for?

Anyone who works with people! ...and has access to the internet. Also great for couples. 

What is a blended learning approach?

There is no single definition of Blended Learning as this would be counterintuitive. Our approach here at My Training Shop is based on the following:

Offering an optimal, hybrid approach to facilitate blended learning strategies to best meet the varying needs of an organisation.  

Blended learning with technology:

Powered by the Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, Catalyst™ can be customized to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each organisation and learner. The result is a meaningful culture change that empowers people to engage, connect, and thrive at work.

Modules Essential & Learning Outcomes

 Assessment only Learn about yourself and other styles. 
 Module One Module Two
Identify Your DiSC Style (95 minutes) Learn how to people read for those you work with (25 Minutes)

Modules Optional & Learning Outcomes

Module Three Module Four Module Five
How you work (optional) (65 minutes) Understand your relationships with others (optional) (65 minutes) Build Better Relationships (optional) ( 60 minutes)

Participants leave complete with a robust action plan on how to be more effective in the workplace and Ongoing access to Catalyst

  1. A strategy
  2. When you might need this strategy
  3. What outcomes you hope to achieve by using this strategy
  4. What can you do or say to put the strategy into action
  5. Identify a resource or mentor to keep you on track and accountable 

Albeit modules 1 and 2 are fundamental, Catalyst™ is set out so you can literally pick and mix your learning. Modules 2,3 and 4 are optional to combine. The pricing here is for individuals but if you have requirements for a team then please complete our needs assessment so we can review it here. Following the evaluation, we will propose options for your company training and development programs. 

Groups - Company Training Programs for Employees

If you would like to run this or any other Everything DiSC course in your workplace or you are a trainer and wish to facilitate your own courses, then apply here.  

In- House company training programs:

Catalyst™ makes for the perfect blended learning platform for you to embed in your company training going forward. With open-ended access to this company training software, it permits the use of highly impactful Everything DiSC development activities which can readily be explored on-demand and provides a great point of reference for use in appraisals too! Our motto is Return and Learn as opposed to the traditional methods of Learn Once.

As suggested in an Article written by Federoco Espinosa ( Lead Educational Expert, Busuu). Self-paced learning is critical to any organisations Learning and Development strategy. Moreover, Federico points to the idea that as working patterns become more flexible, then so should our approach to learning and development. Allowing employees to develop at their own pace can reap improved rewards.

Read more about Catalyst and download the PDF

See FAQ's on Catalyst and download the PDF

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    Stephen .
    Spain Spain

    Sian worked with our small company again very recently in response to our employees now either working remotely or/and lone working in the office. A huge change (and challenge) brought about as a result of COVID 19. Due to remote conversation,s I had started to question if my methods of communication were as relatable as they could be. After identifying earlier on in the year that I am a I D style, I decided that it would be extremely helpful for our small team to be more self-aware and to raise awareness of how others work best. The comparison reports and ease of use of Catalyst is genius! the fact that we can all use and access the system at any time has helped bring the team together in their thinking and certainly brought about a better understanding of how best to approach each other. A valuable aid when preparing for not so pleasant conversations too. I realise now that I should have introduced Everything DISC to my business years ago, the advantages and uses are endless and its true what they say we can now take the guesswork out of how best to communicate to one another. Importantly, the team are now aware of how I like to receive requests and conversations – straight to the point and facts only.