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Who is this workshop for?

This course is for group development utilising DiSC in the workplace for improved workplace culture

Workplace Teams, Leaders, managers, directors, business owners anyone else who takes responsibility for heading up a team. Importantly anyone who aims to create a workplace that thrives through improved understanding, from top to bottom.

What is a DiSC ® Personality Test?

The following information relates directly to team working. It’s a part of the overall Everything DISC® process by Wiley that has been designed specifically for those at the top to get tangible results with the teams you work with. Your DiSC report Your report will tell you about yourself and about interacting with people with other styles

Team Profiling

The Everything DISC® Workplace Profile offers vital information on how you can create a greater rapport with each other. By taking the core ethos of Everything DISC®, this 24-page profile gives you everything you need to know about your own style. Essentially, though we go one step further and looks at how individuals can work effectively with those around them.

Validity of Everything DiSC ® by Wiley

Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment in English has been DNV-GL certified as an occupational test tool in the UK. Meaning that DiSC for the Workplace has passed the test Review Model developed by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (known as EFPA).  

Everything DiSC Workplace® assessment (English) has been DNV-GL certified as an occupational test tool in the UK.

DiSC ® personality test types

Other profiles include DiSC for sales, agile, leadership, Everything DiSC on Catalyst for remote learning, presenting an all-inclusive platform. Contact us for other courses e.g. negotiation, change management.

DiSC ® online personality test

An alternative to to PDF reporting see Catalyst ™ this acts as a personalized, mobile-enabled learning platform, providing a single access point throughout a learner’s DiSC ® Journey.  

Everything DISC®   produces a personalised profile for each individual. Personality profiling in the workplace hits that mark and has been designed to be used by anyone, regardless of the role they play in your organisation.

"Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them" (Albert Einstein)

DiSC Course

If you haven’t worked with us yet hopefully you may have already realised our passion aimed at helping businesses work better as a whole. The founder possesses hands of experience as a senior manager, entrepreneur and a qualified trainer and assessor.   Positioning us very well placed to assist others and we are eager to do so.  Creating workplaces that thrive through understanding, is a key aspect of the founder’s ethos. Who whole-heartedly believes in the Everything DISC® model and keen to share with you. 

Human beings can be assumption based and whilst this occurs naturally embarking on an activity such as this can really be an eye opening experience.  Permitting increased understanding, in turn leading us to enriched decision making.

"If you’ve never made a mistake then you’ve never tried anything new" (Albert Einstein)

Soft skills for the workplace

It could easily be assumed that this just seems to be suited to valuing soft skills, as appose to the technical or hard skillsets. Yet without soft skills you haven't got a healthy productive team. Interestingly, a LinkedIn’s Learning Blog found that the most in demand soft skills are:

  1. Creativity
  2. Persuasion
  3. Collaboration
  4. Adaptability
  5. Emotional intelligence

Noticeably Emotional Intelligence seems to have superseded time management, which has fallen off this top 5 list completely recently. Of course this list is not exhaustive, and we feel that things like resilience, curiosity and the desire to learn really is a given when it comes to desirable soft skills. 

Alternative ways of working with DiSC :

If you are a trainer, work in HR or are a coach and wish to incorporate DiSC profiling in to your learning and development programmes. Arrange a mutual time to discuss here.

We are an authorised DiSC partner and know the challenges faced by today’s modern organisations. Starting with Team work

As a leader, perhaps you have an interest in learning more about soft skills for managers and would favour a one-to-one coaching scenario.  If you wish to undertake a personalised self assessment . You can purchase here when you will receive an access code to undertake your personality questionnaire and receive your report privately. 

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Improve your Teams culture using DiSC the most popular profiling instrument

Group learning

Our courses can be facilitated either virtually (remotely) inhouse or a mutually agreed venue. Bespoke options avaiable

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Courageous conversations can turn into something more straightforward 

DiSC® stands
for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.
It was first created by Dr. William Marston, a physiological psychologist in his book ‘Emotions of Normal People' in 1928. Over the years, his findings were built upon and gradually evolved until today, when they now form a four-stage process called ‘DiSC®’. Obviously this is then defined into more defined categories with some overlapping..

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