Manage the Impact of Change

Change Management module 1)

Managing the Impact of Change 

By understanding how people come to terms with change, Along with how and why they can potentially react when undergoing change is essential to the helping process. Limiting the negative impact that change can bring is key to all business operations.


Participants will be equipped to:

  • Describe why change can be difficult
  • Explain the change curve that many individuals experience when undergoing change
  • Contribute suggestions of how to support others when transitioning through change
  • Limit the negative effects that change can bring
  • Suggestions for practical actions to help people handle each stage of the Change Curve ( a change management model)

Options: This module can be taken as a standalone 90 minute session or packaged up with Module Two and Module Three of our full course:

Course for managing change for new beginnings with Sian Phillips Coaching

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