Handle Resistance to Change

Managing Change Module 2) 

Resistance to change in an organisation

This Module is centric to handling resistance to change and the impact of change on employees. Aimed at helping you to recognise when people are seemingly defiant in the face of change. To gain an understanding of why people may resist change is key to breaking down barriers and successfully bringing the team with you.

Participants will be equipped to:

  • Contribute some suggestions that will help to overcome resistance
  • Limiting the negative effects that change can sometimes bring

They will be able to:

  • Suggest why people resist change
  • Anticipate resistance then identify things you can do to minimise struggles
  • Recognise the signs of passive and active resistance to shifts
  • Take practical steps to overcome resistance to change

Options: this module can be taken as a standalone 90 minute session or packaged up with Modules One and Three of our full course:

Managing change in the workplace this 3 module course offers positivity and strategies to handle this

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