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Change Management Learning

“Successful leaders know how to line up support for their initiatives and create the right environment for change and innovation” Quote: Bonnie Marcus

Whilst this statement is true. Very few leaders have the expertise or experience to deal with how changes in the workplace can make the most confident of people feel uneasy. It can be assumed that there is a threat ahead which consequently impacts on peoples livelihoods. This uneasiness can transfer to becoming a wretched fear. In turn, fear can lead to a response that impacts negatively on themselves, people around them and of course the business.

Given what is currently happening worldwide, it is true to suggest that some of our fears around change are valid. If your organisation is implementing change. It is worth considering that it could be a signal that the business ship now needs steering in a different direction. Anxiety can be disorienting, overwhelming, a threat to identity and bring about a sense of being out of control during which the dreaded doubt takes control. Your response and how you lead your team could make a significant difference to the long-term effects.

Impact of Change on Employees

With change sometimes comes opportunity requires a shift in mindset. Turning fear, into powerful energy and positive force can take a little work. Putting together a change management process is the place to start.

Change management approach

Module One - Managing the Impact of Change 90 Minutes 
Module Two - Handle Resistance to Change 90 Minutes
Module Three - Change in a VUCA Environment 90 Minutes

All three modules can be combined to create a 7-hour training session for Change Management. Get in touch now:

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Or select individual sessions:

Manage the impact of change with Sian Phillips  Handle resistance to change with Sian Phillips Handle change in a VUCA environment
The following Everything DiSC Behavioural virtual and interactive courses are in synergy with this course and can be combined for best effect. Any of these profiling assessments will enrich your change management plan and assist with working towards a positive culture in your organisation: