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Everything DiSC® sales facilitation kit

Everything DiSC® sales facilitation kit

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Everything DiSC®facilitation kits


The Everything DiSC® Sales program helps salespeople improve their customer connections. It is used alongside the Everything DiSC Sales Profile. The kit includes six modules, each lasting 50 minutes.

Coaching and training programs focusing on DiSC are helpful for improving sales skills. These programs offer valuable information on different DiSC styles and their effects on communication and decision-making. Participants learn practical techniques for adjusting their selling approaches based on customer profiles through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios.


Section1 :

Recognising and Understanding Customer Buying Styles - This section is about understanding your DiSC sales style.

Module 1, you will learn about your DiSC sales style and how your personal priorities affect your selling behaviours.

Module 2, you will participate in an interviewing activity to apply what you have learned about sales priorities.

Section 1 1 - Understanding Your DiSC Sales Style

Module 3, participants will learn customer mapping, a new method of understanding people. They will have the opportunity to practice their customer-mapping skills in a competitive video-based activity.

Module 4, participants will learn about various customer priorities and apply their new skills to identify the buying styles of their current customers.

Section III -  Adapting Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style

Module 5 focuses on using DiSC Sales Maps to understand how to navigate different customer styles.

Module 6 involves role-playing and creating an interaction plan for working with the most challenging customer.

Once purchased this trainers facilitation kit is available for immediate download


All Facilitator Kits contain various digital resources for training purposes. Easy to follow, well-detailed and customisable.

The kit is easily customisable with optional video clips. You can modify the PowerPoint® presentation with embedded video. It comes with a comprehensive trainer's guide and participant handouts. You can add or delete sections to fit your timeframes.

Everything DiSC® Sales  is designed to be used in conjunction with the Everything DiSC Sales Profile


English - Chinese.

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