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DiSC® showcase

DiSC® showcase

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Everything DiSC® Wiley

Free to book, Wiley's Showcase. Teaches you how the power of DiSC can help the teams you work with “Engage, Connect, Adapt: Equipping Your Workforce to Thrive” Covers everything you need to know about this game-changing innovation. In this 60-minute interactive, virtual event, participants will:

- Discover the value of strong organisational culture and its connection to success
- Explore the Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ learning experience
- View a live demo of the Catalyst platform
- Participate in a live Q&A with the showcase presenters.

This event is FREE to attend - we will book it for you. NB there is no requirement to purchase an assessment but if you so wish, you can do so via Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ 

  1. Add to cart (zero cost) to register for this event. You don't want to miss out!
  2. A link for the next session will be sent to you, so ensure you check your junk/spam folder just in case.
  3. If the next session date does not fit in with you then you will be offered the follow on date

If you wish we can run through a demo of Everything DiSC on Catalyst before the event.


Become DiSC® certified

Visit our dedicated page where facilitators can either become DiSC accredited or participate in Wiley's Essentials course.

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