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Everything DiSC® Managment facilitation kit

Everything DiSC® Managment facilitation kit

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DiSC® Management Program Trainers Kit

DiSC® Personalities Test

The Everything DiSC® Management profiling model helps managers bring out the best in their employees.


The kit includes six one-hour modules for facilitation. In these modules, participants learn how DiSC® impacts their management style, including decision-making and problem-solving. Participants also develop the ability to identify others' DiSC styles by observing their behaviours.

Everything DiSC® Management improves management effectiveness by focusing on five key areas. Module 1 and Module 2 provide an introduction to your management style.

In Module 3, participants will learn how to adjust their directing and delegating style to meet the specific DiSC® needs of their direct reports.

In Module 4, participants learn about how DiSC® styles impact motivation and what actions they can take to effectively motivate their team members.

Module 5 focuses on developing others. Managers will learn how to provide resources, environments, and opportunities that support long-term professional growth. This is based on the DiSC® assessment.

In Module 6, participants learn how to effectively communicate and influence their managers by understanding and meeting their DiSC® needs and preferences.


This trainers toolkit is available for immediate download

The kit is easily customisable with optional video clips. You can modify the PowerPoint® presentation with embedded video.

It comes with a comprehensive trainer's guide and participant handouts. You can add or delete sections to fit your timeframes.

Everything DiSC® Management trainer materials are designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Management Profile which covers: Management Style -  Directing & Delegating, - Motivation- Developing Others - Working with Your Manager


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