Sian's Associates

 The saying that "birds of a feather flock together" means that like-minded people associate with one another – right! For reasons of 'greater good' partnering with training, providers is not unusual and makes for sound business practice.

In my experience, it is unquestionable that two (or more) trainers always be better than one, allowing for differing perspectives promoting relations, rapport building along with pooling of skills. 

Sian Phillips Coaching welcomes leaders, organisations and small business to engage with her development programmes

Recognising own limitations:

I am in constant touch with learning and development circles, where I continuously consult, learn in tandem, share knowledge and learn from others. It most certainly transpires that no one person can be all things to all people. With this, in mind and in line with my mission. I am transparent and will openly disclose if I hold any concerns around your proposal. I will act in one of two ways. 1) Recommend someone whom I know can full fill this purpose. 2) Consider working in collaboration with another specialist which will only serve to enrich the client experience.

With a rapidly ever-changing workplace, it is essential to match expertise more now than ever. Thinking in the long term with the client's exceptional outcomes in mind works for me......importantly it works very well for my clients. I remain strong in the belief that if you are not competent in something then you shouldn't be talking about it to anyone else!

Below are the few carefully selected trainers that I associate with, for reasons of, synergy, flair, expertise, talent and experience:

Jill Downing Associates with Sian Phillips Learning and Development. Jill is an actor and can provide drama to your group training in association with DiSC

Jill is a specialist in the design and delivery of high impact drama-based training, for both face to face and virtual live classrooms. 

Following a business career in international advertising, Jill trained as a theatre director and actor, and uses her unique skillset to help clients develop their presentation skills, with emphasis on stage presence and confident delivery.

She is highly experienced in coaching, workshop design and delivery, training needs analysis, and project management. She has worked with managers and teams across the public and private sectors in 16 countries, helping them to develop leadership and management skills through excellence in communication. Her courses are highly interactive, and she is a strong advocate of learning through practice and exploration.

Jill holds the CIPD Certificate in Training Practice.