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DiSC for Self Reflection

DISC® Profiling for Individuals


Quote about Reflecting:

"The 1st and the best victory is to conquer self" (Plato)

Any individual who wishes to identify their own styles and behaviours. This flagship Profile is popular with those facing the idea of promotion. Or individuals who are in the process of applying for a new job, or those who are wishing to self reflect or reinstall their confidence. Looking at ways to improve communication with others. Couples in relationships can benefit too by exploring and comparing their motivators and stressors to better understand themselves and each other.


  1. Click add to cart 
  2. An everything disc login for Everything DiSC
  3. A questionnaire will be forwarded to you within 24 hours
  4. Activate your account
  5. Answer the questions in a manner that is true to you
  6. Your DiSC disc report will be activated and sent to you
  7. You can then study your personality assessment 

Once completed, your own report can help you to:

  • Raise self-awareness 
  • Understand and accept why your behaviours are part of you
  • Recognise the priorities, motivators and stress triggers that shape you
  • Gauge and explore the styles of those around you.
  • Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with others
  • Know when you may need to nudge out of your comfort zone on occasion

Start your journey of self-discovery now with Everything DISC® by Wiley.


Everything DISC® 20-page profile report and Podcast

This Wiley's flagship profile offers ongoing free access to your report which includes your personalised everything DiSC® map.  Your own personal podcast is activated, reaffirming your results, offering sound advice of how others are likely to be seeing you and consequently how you can adapt your communication style to others. 


    If you later decide that you would benefit from a one-off session to explore your behavioural profile. Simply click here to arrange a convenient time. At just £89 for a 45-minute consultation, I will help you gain a deeper understanding of your style.

    How do I book a workshop?

    Click to see more about Everything DiSC for Teams and book a suitable time to talk. Or submit your requirements here by completing a needs assessment.   Let’s get team focus profiling for success!


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