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Mentoring and Coaching for New Leaders Everything DiSC

Mentoring / Coaching New Leaders DiSC

Who is this for?

Anyone new who is new to leadership or considers themselves to be in a position as a trainee manager. This could also include marketing a company director or a business owner or simply someone who had found themselves evolving into the position of leading others.  I will be committed to working with you to achieve your business strategies. As an entrepreneur who holds first-hand experience in senior management, you'll find that we won't do hurdles. Whilst everyone is working out how to jump them we go around them! 


You may be overwhelmed, going through change, feeling under-confident (impostor syndrome) and/or experiencing some if not all of the issues outlined below:

  • Managing change
  • Pressure
  • Prioritising issues
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Feeling the need to let someone go
  • Letting someone go
  • Building respect and being liked
  • Having to deliver bad news
  • Lack of self-motivation
  • Cultural Issues

Personality Profiling DiSC:

Like all things relating to Everything DISC® assessment by world-renowned Wiley their ‘Work of Leaders' profile is based on research. A lot! rooted in psychology and research. To create this profile they worked with 350 business leaders across 150 different organisations over four years.

Since the 1920s, the DiSC model has evolved and expanded into a multi-faceted learning solution designed to deliver personalized insights that foster engagement and collaboration in today’s ever-changing workplace. This coupled with hands-on experience and a passion to help businesses improve creates a coaching experience like no other!

Let's grow something good together


Leadership coaching goals:

Our work together will be based around the overall Everything DISC®in line with the principles any successful leaders works by: Vision - Alignment - Execution. A process that has been designed specifically for those at the top to get tangible results and their teams worked with. 

With such a wide-ranging data sample, Wiley developed a set of leadership best practices across a range of industries. The real benefit of this particular profile is that it focuses on how your style influences your effectiveness. Rather than just looking at those interactions between people, it covers a whole spectrum of situations. Everything DISC®, is less about judging or scoring your personality traits but instead working with your own individual style. By mapping your own personality onto a series of behavioural continua, it helps to support you through all stages of the leadership process. Once created your own individual assessment report can be revisited and analysed to help with improved communications. Focusing on looking for similarities and where to get a buy-in, it’s rather like searching out opportunities and connecting the dots. We like to refer to this as a ‘Return and Learn’ approach rather than the traditional way of learning ‘ learn once, walk away and hope you remember something’  

Shaping the teams experience is about you

What will I learn? What do good leaders do?

  • Discover your natural leadership style and learn how to utilise it 
  • Find out what motivation really means for yourself and others
  • Learn the mindset and skills you need to succeed
  • Establish your Vision - Alignment - Execution
  • Discover your own DiSC® style
  • Understand other styles within your team and how to best communicate with them
  • Build more effective relationships
  • Be mentored and supported in a confidential and safe space 

    We believe that human connection is the heart of any organisation

    What's included?

    Month One:

    You will conduct an Everything DISC® questionnaire to develop a 23 Page Work of Leaders profile. This DiSC assessment will be broken down into 3 fundamental roles that all good leaders aspire to:

    Creating a VISION

    Building ALIGNMENT to that Vision

    Championing the EXECUTION of the vision.

    How will my coaching sessions be formatted?

    A one-hour online session will follow your assessment where we will work on decoding your personality profile. The basis of which will provide the foundation for future coaching sessions and where we identify any specific hurdles to work on that you may be facing.

    Month One

    Is £395.00 and will be payable before commencement by adding to cart here on this page

    Month Two

    Two separate one-hour Mentoring and guidance sessions aimed at accountability and progress

    This cost of Month two is £295.00 and will be pre-payable and invoiced towards the end of month one (4 week period)

    Months 3, 4, 5 and 6

    Two one hour sessions will be a continuation of the previous momentum and will be run centric to your needs. The cost will be £295 monthly (4 weekly) and will be invoiced towards the end of month two.

    End to end this process will be like having a companion by your side, importantly someone that is on your side.

    Remember - You are the string and they are beads. They roll everywhere if you break

    • How will all this happen?
    • Questionnaire assessment is completed online by you
    • Your personal profile will then be utilised as a foundation for future coaching sessions
    • Coaching calls are online via Zoom/Skype or other
    • Initial payment of £395 online via the payment portal or by telephone. NB this is for month one
    • Followed by £295 per month x 5 months


    1) Simply add to cart and purchase - this payment is for your 1st month and includes your 24-page assessment report and our first coaching consultation.

    2) You will receive an everything disc login independent to you

    3) We will be in touch with you to arrange our 1st telephone or online meeting

    4) You will identify any specific issues you feel you are facing

    4) First coaching session date will be agreed

    In the case that there is more than one person who would benefit from one of these incredible learning programmes then submit a needs assessment here.


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